Artificial Intelligence Needs Powerful Infrastructure

by Richard Jones, 1 August 2019

Early adopters and innovators of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have quickly realised the the technology needs huge amounts of processing power and the ability to transfer massive amounts of data. Most have found that public clouds are not the way to go due to connectivity latencies and costs. Also scaling and operating the deployments require high density computer infrastructure that simply isn’t available in the public cloud and it needs large amounts of power and cooling.

A successful AI strategy and implementation is also dependent on connectivity. The transport of data from on-premise and edge locations through to core processing across multiple public cloud providers, requires a secure and resilient hybrid-cloud architecture.

As AI businesses evolve and try to scale they realise that they cant build the right facilities as power and connections can sometimes be limited, as a result they are turning to colocation providers such as Indectron to house the infrastructure needed to run these applications as we have been specifically built for 3 things:

At indectron we know what we do best and can supply all power, space and cooling needed to scale up your AI business.

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