Diesel Bugs, Not at Indectron

by Richard Jones, 1 March 2019

In any data centre environment, backup power is a must to keep the mission critical infrastructure running in the event of a mains power failure.

This normally is in the form of diesel generators on site that spin up and take the load if a power failure is detected. Setups can vary from but normally come in an N+1 configuration (a backup for the backup!) meaning that there is always enough power and backup to keep the lights turned on and the disks spinning.

However as the generators are only used for emergencies and power failures are infrequent. The fuel in these generators can be sat for long periods and become contaminated which can result in the generator running inefficiently, breaking down or worst of all not starting at all!

Diesel ‘Bugs’ are a problem for fuel that is sat in tanks for long periods and not used. Diesel is an organic fuel and an ideal environment for fungi, yeast and bacteria (ie diesel ‘bugs’) to develop. Dissolved water allows for germination, while the carbon present acts as food. Finally, the oxygen, sulphur and other trace elements in the fuel enable this bacteria to grow.

At Indectron we have recognised this issue and chosen to fit an individual fuel polishing system to each of our generators which cleans and recirculates the diesel in the tanks periodically to stop the growth of the dreaded bugs that could stop the generators firing up in the event of total power failure. Not all Data Centres do this, opting for mobile fuel polishing a few times a year which runs the risk of a major power outage if the worst were to happen between maintenance periods.

Indectron has on site Diesel generators able to supply the power needed to keep the data centre running at full power for as long a needed and with 4 hour SLA’s from two independent fuel suppliers that can keep the DC running on backup power indefinitely if required.

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