How to Choose the Right Data Centre

by Richard Jones, 2 July 2019

With more and more data being generated every second and emerging technologies accelerating this production the modern day data centre needs to have capacity not only in space, but power and cooling to keep up with this demand.

What should you be considering?


This should be high on the list of considerations when choosing a data centre to house your critical infrastructure. With GDPR being a hot topic and right now keeping the information stored on your servers safe is of paramount importance. Not to mention your kit can be worth a hefty amount of cash and you would not want to see that walking out the door, never to be seen again.

Key things to look out for when selecting a Data Centre are things like:

Just a few things to think about.


Its an obvious one that shouldn’t need mentioning but always check what maximum power can be delivered to your racks. Rack densities are ever increasing with technological advances and upgrading your kit could mean you go past the maximum power draws of the data centre and be unable to grow.

Also if the data centre doesn’t have power then it might as well not be there, what happens in the event of a mains failure? Does the facility have sufficient battery power to take the load while the generators kick in and if som do they test them regularly? Not all DC’s do so they really don’t know if it they will work when the street lights go out!


If you can’t connect to your servers then there is no point in placing them in a data centre that doesn’t have a wide range of carrier options. Bandwidth is also a key consideration, if your process’ take a lot of bandwidth then having this restricted can cause real headaches when trying to perform everyday tasks.

Always check the list of carriers before committing to a deployment.


Not such a huge factor nowadays as most data centres will offer remote hands to carry out the simpler of tasks in keeping your servers up and running meaning that your engineers don’t have to be close to the physical assets any more. However if your SLA’s to clients demand quick fixes and minimal downtime being located close to the the facility and being able to get there quickly needs to thought about. Some data centres offer space for engineers to work on site which again can give you more options when looking at locations.

These are just a few of the things you should be looking at when considering which data centre is right for you. Indectron can help advise on the other things you should be thinking about and relish the opportunity to be tested as we are highly confident in our build and resilience.

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