Hybrid Cloud, Benefits and Strategies

by Richard Jones, 2 February 2019

Hybrid Cloud has gone mainstream, According to the Cloud Industry Forum, cloud adoption has grown by over 80% in seven years, with 88% of UK enterprises now using the cloud and of those nearly 60% of businesses are taking a hybrid approach.

For most businesses, quick and easy public cloud utilisation has been a necessity for years as they have had to juggle and find space for various diverse and increasingly complicated solutions.

Cloud migration has been streamlined in recent years and is more agile than ever, particularly with major cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, Google and IBM.

Spinning up on-premise servers can take time, whereas it takes mere minutes to spin up potentially thousands of public cloud servers offering services that range from data storage and analytics to artificial intelligence. In some cases, however a public cloud might not be an option. So, a private cloud will be used to store sensitive customer data whilst the public cloud is used to run front-end applications and manage seasonal demand.

This leads to most businesses dealing with a combination of public and private cloud vendors, with different applications being run across multiple public and private cloud platforms. Of course, it’s unlikely you’ll be operating from a cloud-only approach either, with around 60% of business’ still working on-premise, so most businesses will be managing a range of applications and assets across their entire IT infrastructure.

The Benefits and the Strategies

Simple Governance – Through a Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) platform, the administrator is able to provision or decommission instances, assign application loads,  and view performance characteristics all from a single point of control. This simplifies the adoption and enforcement of all policies and procedures.

Security and Flexibility – When it comes to IT infrastructure, there is seldom a one-size-fits-all solution. Network security is always going to be slightly compromised in a public cloud environment, but a private cloud system allows a high level of data security for storing sensitive personal data. However, businesses can also rely on both cloud platforms to run their front-end applications. A hybrid cloud solution allows administrators the flexibility to portion assets between public and private clouds. A HCM solution, meanwhile, allows them the freedom to manage multiple clouds, synthesise and migrate date from one user interface.

Analytics – A HCM solution will offer a keen birds-eye view of your entire cloud-based operation so you can quickly and conveniently locate operational bottlenecks, assets that are not being properly utilised and resources that are not being distributed effectively. It also allows for more vigilant problem shooting, as it’s easier to spot and mitigate potential system outages. This is particularly useful for regulated sectors such as Finance and Healthcare, which need to meet the requirements associated with government legislation.

Colocation – There’s a misconception that colocation and the cloud are mutually exclusive, but the two can comfortably be deployed together as part of a hybrid model. For example, a business could choose to use a colocation facility to house their more critical systems and then use the public cloud for system testing or development. Colocation also offers greater connectivity opportunities – creating new revenue streams, offering Remote Hands support and reduced risk.

Streamlined Budgeting – A HCM platform allows for greater visibility when it comes to budgeting your cloud resources, with functionality that also allows you to add limits for certain projects.

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