Make sure your business is secure with a Hybrid Cloud Deployment

by Richard Jones, 2 November 2019

Colocated Hybrid Cloud

Many business’ are wading through a minefield of compliance and security as they look to take their systems into the cloud.

Hybrid cloud combines data centres or private clouds with public clouds such as AWS, Azure and Google. Its growing in popularity as enterprises are realising that it enables them to ensure high security and increase performance.

Underpinning this shift is the colocation data centre, it enhances the security of a hybrid cloud deployment when moving data between clouds.

The Hybrid Hurdle

Not always easy to get over, only a small percentage of business’ recognise the benefits of hybrid cloud and only a few of those are actually putting it into action. So many of the business’ that are looking at their IT strategy actually understand the true potential of a Hybrid Approach.

As soon as any data hits the internet it is at risk from DDos attacks, malware, phishing and many other threats that are increasing day by day. These online threats can disrupt critical services.

How can Indectron Help?

Indectron’s purpose built colocation data centre Shield House can provide secure cost effective data centre space with in-depth resilience. Shield House is an ideal location to house your infrastructure to enable a high performing hybrid cloud deployment as it boasts a huge range of connectivity from the carriers and links into all the major public cloud providers.

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