Cloud IT sectors with Private & Hybrid data services from Indectron

Cloud, Private & Hybrid Services Services

Shield House is built to support your Cloud company as you evolve your services

Cloud, Private & Hybrid Sector Focus

Cloud, Private & Hybrid Sector Focus

Indectron has the solution to deliver high quality data centre technical space for Cloud, Private & Hybrid IT Infrastructure deployments with a personalised customer service whilst delivering lower operating costs to the organisation.

Deploying a new generation cloud service as part of an IT transformation project can often be daunting and could lead to deployment in a Public Self Service Cloud which can come with a cost and management implication.

Cloud, Private & Hybrid Sector Focus from Indectron

Could You Make More Money By Moving To Colocation

Organisations that are looking to reduce costs, achieve compliance or gain security transparency of a Public Cloud deployment look towards Private & Hybrid Cloud solutions.
Utilising a Colocation facility such as Shield House provides a perfect platform for a Private & Hybrid Cloud solution. With a connectivity ecosystem within the same building, organisations can connect into a carrier rich meet-me rooms to connect directly onto the backbone of the Internet or directly into Public Cloud providers. Connecting an organisations infrastructure directly into Public Cloud allows movement of virtual infrastructure between clouds to maintain a cost equilibrium, providing cost certainty.

Shield House Is Built To Support Your Cloud Company As You Evolve Your Services

Shield House it the perfect location for Private & Hybrid Clouds supporting high-density racks (up to 30kW), an extensive network carrier portfolio and an intelligently designed ultra-resilient infrastructure.

Could you make more money by moving to colocation

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