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Shield House is built to support your Content, Digital & Social Media company as you evolve your services

Content, Digital & Social Media Sector Focus

Indectron has the solution to deliver high quality data centre technical space for Content, Digital & Social Media Sectors and organisations IT Infrastructure deployments with a personalised customer service whilst delivering lower operating costs to the organisation.

Digital & Social Media Sectors

The digital media sector has created a bond between providers and consumers that is direct and instantly linked by technology. This relationship is lived out within the data centre ecosystem, where the service they offer to their clients is benchmarked on performance and quality of the experience. As this is more important than anything else in this content and social media sector the cost of downtime is not tolerated and can affect not only the business but also the organisations reputation and customer retention.

data centre technical space for Content, Digital & Social Media organisations

Indectron’s Shield House data centre is built to support the varying needs to businesses operating in the Content, Digital & Social Media space. Businesses can utilise the carrier-neutral environment to inter-connect with networks worldwide to ensure that capacity and visibility on the Internet doesn’t become a problem with scale. The intelligently designed facility provides dual primary power feeds from the grid to maintain a constant uptime for the media servers. An innovative free cooling system supports the business as it scales providing densities of up to 30kW per rack. This is backed by the Indectron’s operating transparency and reliability enabling media businesses to trust at all times that their clients’ data and connectivity solutions are in safe hands.

Healthcare Education & Research organisation we have the ability to maximise efficiency from all IT service sectors

Digital Media Features

Social media, e-commerce, mobile commerce and the myriad of digital channels consumers now use, need a robust and secure IT infrastructure to support them. The cost of downtime in the online commercial space can mean the loss of million of pounds. Indectron’s data centre and services is built to support the varying needs of businesses operating in the digital space providing:

  • World-class SLAs that deliver 100% uptime via a collocated carrier neutral service
  • Agile and highly flexible, Shield House offers the ultimate in dynamic data centre services
  • Pay-as-you-go services from our colocation site in Gloucestershire
  • Remote support 24/7/365

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