Financial and professional service Sectors for data Coloration at Indectron

Financial and Professional Service Sectors

Shield House is built to support your FinTech company as you evolve your services

Finance & Professional Services Sector Focus

Indectron has the solution to deliver high quality data centre technical space for Financial Professional Services IT Infrastructure with a personalised customer service whilst delivering lower operating costs to Financial Services organisations.

Within the financial professional services sector IT directors, CTOs and CIOs need to demonstrate a revenue driving platform but face tight controlling costs to maximise margin and profits for the organisation.

The volume and complexity of data within financial sector organisations can be limiting when mixed with compliance and legacy applications. Traditional financial sector data centres were built to deal with smaller data requirements and may fill vast areas but have limitations around power and cooling. Legacy financial deployments may only utilise 1 to 3kW per rack and were designed for smaller data requirements.

As financial & professional services companies grow within this data driven era huge volumes of data are created. With this huge amount of data and the need to consolidate applications, traditional financial data centres start to struggle due to the dispersed data throughout a large low-density deployment.

New consolidated finance IT infrastructures have a requirement for higher density and may utilise averages of 8 to 10kW per rack. Indectron Shield House has the ability to reach up to 30kW per rack, complementing this deployment strategy whilst lowering costs.

This provides the perfect platform for financial high-volume data processing whilst achieving the required output faster and more cost effectively in a consolidated higher density approach.

Hybrid models can also be supported with this deployment strategy where up to 20% of infrastructure is left in close proximity to expensive financial eco-system facilities, but up to 80% of IT infrastructure can be deployed in a more cost effective location such as Shield House. This can deliver a significant cost saving even when considering diverse national low latency optical wavelengths to link infrastructure.

Indectron enables the deployment of a high-density footprint within a UK geographically diverse data centre and access to low latency networks. This enables financial organisations to transform their mid and back office systems whilst minimising footprint and maximising commercials.

Financial and professional service Sectors for data Coloration at Indectron

Secure IT and Data Financial Features

At Indectron we understand that your business needs to drive revenue and reduce costs. Services within Shield House offer comprehensive hybrid solutions to ensure your business can easily remain competitive. Key financial professional services from Indectron include:

  • Secure, flexible and agile IT infrastructure solutions tailored to your precise needs
  • ISO27001 accreditation, 100% SLA on power, and one the most highly connected data centres in the UK
  • Using advanced ultra-efficient cooling that achieves PUE below 1.2, your business can also choose from a number of high-density cooling options
  • Carrier neural connectivity options including IP bandwidth, multi-point Ethernet and dark fibre options
  • 24x7x365 customer technical service support

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