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Healthcare, Education & Research Service Sectors

Shield House is built to support your Healthcare, Education & Research organisation as you evolve your services

Healthcare, Education & Research Sector Focus

Indectron has the solution to deliver high quality data centre technical space for Healthcare, Education & Research organisations IT Infrastructure deployments with a personalised customer service whilst delivering lower operating costs to the organisation.

Healthcare, Education and research organisations face challenges to ensure that their IT works harder for less. According to industry bodies, increasing adoption of shared services through private, public and hybrid cloud computing is one of the main ways to help address the digitisation of their application and data platforms.

These organisations are experiencing increasing demand for efficiency, lower costs and lower environmental impact, which has led to High Density Computing (HDC) forming a crucial element of IT operations.

healthcare education research colocation data centre

Healthcare, Education & Research organisations in the Midlands and South West had little option other than to build their own on-site self-built server rooms. Legacy self-built server rooms can operate at a high total cost of ownership with organisations looking to remove them from their estates and migrate them into a purpose built data centre.

Both Healthcare and Education & Research organisations have ever increasing large data sets that they require to work collaboratively with. For the organisations to be collaborative they require a secure, reliable, efficient, scalable and connected technical environments.

Could You Make More Money by Moving to Colocation

By moving their IT infrastructure off-campus and into a purpose built colocation facility these organisations can reduce cost, store infrastructure collectively and move their workforce into higher value services than maintaining data centre electrical and cooling infrastructure, whilst freeing up valuable building space.

Indectron Shield House offers Healthcare, Education & Research organisations the ability to maximise efficiency from their IT infrastructure. Efficiencies that are gained from using a purpose built, intelligently designed facility operating at the highest standard with the industry leading cooling and power infrastructure.

Backed by a carrier neutral connectivity offering to organisations they are able to connect private and hybrid cloud infrastructures into the public cloud and collaborating organisations to enable the limitless movement of data.

Healthcare Education & Research organisation we have the ability to maximise efficiency rom your IT

Healthcare and Education Features

Businesses and organisations in the healthcare, education and research industries must be able to trust their IT infrastructures, as they form the foundation for their client services. Indectron is different, offering a new approach to data centre management that can deliver:

  • Vastly improved efficient IT infrastructure and data management
  • Hybrid data management and IT systems become fast and efficient
  • Reduced OpEx as you pay for just the power you use
  • Security is at the heart of Indectron. Your IT infrastructure and data is protected with state-of-the-art rack security systems

Could you make more money by moving to colocation

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