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Total Connectivity with Services from Indectron

Your Colocation business needs flexible, agile, transparent and secure IT solutions. At Indectron we have created a range of Colocation services that offer modern businesses data centre infrastructure that is completely bespoke. Totally flexible, your business can create the perfect data centre for its needs today and, have confidence that your organisation is future-proofing its IT infrastructure.


Colocation Rack product ideal for a shared Data hall environment

Colocation Rack

Our Rack product is ideal for clients with rack requirements that can be accommodated within a shared data hall environment.

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Colocation cage services for large size requirements by Indectron

Colocation Cage

For clients with mid to large size requirements who want additional security and installation options.

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Colocation Suite for larger deployments or with a requirement to create a segregated data hall space

Colocation Suite

For clients with larger deployments or with a requirement to create a segregated data hall space with specific requirements.

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Flexible Colocation Connectivity

The flexible hybrid connectivity solutions Indectron can deliver offers your enterprise the perfect data centre environment. Learn how your business can easily create an IT infrastructure that is built specifically for your company’s needs today and, is future proofed as your business grows and expands.

Uninterrupted Service Delivery

Your business needs 100% up time for its data centre. Shield House is unique using dual primary connectivity. The design of Shield House provides a 2N level of resilience down to IT rack level with no single points of failure. The inbuilt failure resistance delivers the ultimate IT confidence to your enterprise.

Secure Flexible Bespoke Solutions

A new era in data centres is here. Colocation from Indectron delivers to your enterprise a new generation of data centre services. The services and partners in our ecosystem are multifaceted to enable bespoke IT environments to be created. Shield House is redefining the data centre for 21st Century business.

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