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Data Centre Services

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Transform your business with new-generation data centre management services

At Indectron we place your business first. Every service available at Shield House has been developed to serve our customers with solutions they can trust. Having a one-to-one relationship with your organisation is how we deliver world-class data centre services to your business. No matter the complexity of your needs, speak to us about how you want to create your perfect data centre.

Data Centre Services

Our comprehensive services include:


Having a one-to-one relationship with your organisation and data center services

Support Features

  • High levels of technical support are available to help your business create the ideal data centre for your needs
  • In-house technical expertise is at your fingertips to ensure your hardware is optimised
  • Rack and cabinet layouts are all bespoke to meet your precise needs
  • Cabling (including redundancies) between cabinets and power sources is built into the structure of your deployment


Moving your data to a new location can be logistically challenging. Indectron understand the pressure this can place on your business. The transition services we have developed are designed to alleviate the migration of your existing IT hardware to Shield House. If you are considering building your own on-site data room, speak to Indectron as we can offer a number of services including:

Data support and IT centre services at Indectron

Transition Features

  • End-to-end managed services to ensure your needs are met with the least amount of disruption
  • Specialist teams are available to help your organisation achieve its goals for the data centre you want to create, move or expand
  • Pre-planning including cabling diagrams and labelling, rack and cabinet planning ensure the deployment is smooth and efficient
  • Pre-migration planning can include full risks assessments, transport requirements and on-site installation management


Total asset management services are available from Indectron. When your organisation moves to Shield House, your business will be fully supported by our specialist staff. Our trained engineers will support your needs whether this is a small rack installation, or a complete suite. All of your questions will be answered in detail to provide a complete and comprehensive data centre service you can trust. Our data services in our bespoke Shield house centre includes:

Data services available from our bespoke IT centre

  • Operational support is available to your business from day one of your installation and deployment
  • Detailed on-demand analytics can be viewed to deliver insights into power and CPU usage via your dedicated Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) dashboard
  • Personal contact managers ensure your company can always get fast answers to your queries
  • Additional cage storage can be made available to store spare parts, cabling and any other hardware

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